Speruperu Background
Speruperu  is situated West of Johannesburg, within the Westrand District in Westonaria Local Municipality. The exact geographical position is between R28 to Vereeniging,T-junction to fochville road and lies near South Deep mine and Ellisburg mine. 

 Speruperu is an informal settlement, the community members comprises of those whose parents worked in farms, who are extremely poor, vulnerable, helpless, isolated without hope. As a mining area Speruperu experienced an influx of mineworkers and as the mines keep retrenching workers some never went back to their original places of residence with the hope of accessing other work opportunities.  

Because of the abovementioned, living conditions there is an increase in the number of HIV/AIDS infections in this area resulting from prostitution as a means of survival, among other maladaptive behaviors.  Schoolchildren in particular, are vulnerable to drug abuse and delinquent tendencies such as bunking school and house breaking. 

 The area lack resources such as electricity and communal taps are used as a source of water supply with one tap catering for ten family units. There are no schools, police station and recreational facilities. A nearby school is approximately 10 km and falls outside the area in Poortjie.

Siqobile background

Siqobile Community Base Care was established in 2008 in response to the plight that the founder E. Mini saw the children from Speruperu commuting to Poortjie by foot in order to access education and food in the nearby OVC Organization name Umzamo’mhle. The purpose of Siqobile project would be to address issues of OVCs in the area as there are proximately two hundred orphaned and vulnerable children residing in Speruperu. She then approached the Ward Councilor and community women of Speruperu and found that 3 of them had already started an informal crèche where they took in children without any remuneration of any form. Together with the above mentioned women, the continued to render services to the community while she was in the process of register the organization. Siqobile was officially registered as an NPO WITH THE Department of Social Development on 25 February 2009.

Vision statement:
Siqobile strives to enhance the transformational process of empowering the community of Speruperu in an effort to enhance their potential to self development and sustenance as individuals and as a community.

We strive to take a leading role as a South African community development centre that integrates business strategy with the aspirations of the community. We aim to be recognized as an entrepreneurially driven, professionally managed organization that will contribute to the development of a non-discriminatory corporate South Africa.